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Opioid-free pain management is an essential aspect of dental implants placement at Virginia Advanced Surgical Arts.  

When it comes to controlling pain after receiving dental implants, the oral surgeons at Virginia Advanced Surgical Arts use the opioid-free Exparel Pain Management System. To cut down on opioid prescriptions and better protect his patients, our surgeons decided early on that Exparel was the best solution for pain management after dental implants surgery. 

NBC Channel 4 Talks With Dr. Gocke 

In 2017, Dr. Gocke was interviewed by NBC Channel 4 about the responsibility he felt to protect his patients with an opioid-free pain management option, “I thought [Exparel] was a great idea for my patients,” he said. “I thought it would really help decrease the use of narcotics and opioids.” 

Exparel has proven to be an excellent choice at providing Dr. Gocke’s patients with a long-lasting local anesthetic that prevents them from feeling any pain at all. During his interview with NBC Channel 4, Dr. Gocke said this about the efficacy of Exparel, “It basically dissolves over 48 to 72 hours and it keeps the area numb, so the patient doesn’t really need the heavier narcotic pain pills.” 

Why Use The Exparel Pain Management System 

While highly addictive narcotic drugs continue to be over-prescribed for pain management, Northern Virginia will continue to struggle with this epidemic. We believe that providing an opioid-free alternative is imperative to make sure addiction isn’t a problem for patients. 

Even with more painful procedures, such as dental implants placement, Exparel works effectively to keep patients pain-free for up to 3 days after surgery – no strong narcotic pain medication needed. Exparel Pain Management System not only eliminates the possibility of opioid dependence, but it also prevents patients from becoming narcotic resistant. 

After employing the use of Exparel for several years when placing dental implants,  patients have had amazing results, reporting less pain after surgery and a faster recovery. Exparel also allows patients to live healthier lives during recovery because they are able to heal better without the use of other resources to fight off the effects of pain medication.  

Exparel is easy to use for any dental procedure. To begin the Exparel process, our oral surgeons place it into the surgical area during the procedure. The Exparel is then released over a long period of time, providing complete pain relief for days. Exparel numbs only the pain area of the body in which the surgery was performed; therefore, it does not have any wide-reaching or long-term bodily effects.  

Read the full article on NBC4 Washington.  

Talk to Virginia Advanced Surgical Arts About  Exparel 

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