Why it’s Wise to Remove Wisdom Teeth Before College

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Is your recent high school graduate heading to college this fall? Whether your teen is moving away or planning to attend a local school, it’s vital to set him or her up to succeed – both in school, but also in health matters. 

If your teenage son or daughter hasn’t had their wisdom teeth removed yet, you may want to consider having them removed now, before he or she heads to college in the fall. As parents, we certainly don’t want our kids to experience adverse effects later on. Choosing to remove wisdom teeth before college could help your son or daughter avoid missed classes, failing grades, or severe pain! 

The wisdom of wisdom teeth extraction now, not later 

It’s generally recommended to remove wisdom teeth before the age of 25. Preventive wisdom teeth removal could save your child from future complications or painful symptoms. 
If left in place, impacted wisdom teeth could cause many problems, including: 

  • pain 
  • swelling 
  • headaches 
  • earaches 
  • jaw pain 
  • sinus pain 
  • swollen glands 
  • damage to other teeth 

Additionally, wisdom teeth that crowd against other teeth could make it difficult to floss. Food particles can become trapped, leading to cavities or periodontal disease. 
Most dental insurance plans cover wisdom teeth extraction between the ages of 18-25. Your dental team can help determine if your plan will cover this for your kids. 

If wisdom teeth don’t hurt, why do they need to be removed? 

Your teen’s wisdom teeth may not be causing discomfort, but they could still lead to problems in the future. Wisdom teeth could be growing at an awkward angle and could push against their other teeth, causing pain or even damage to healthy teeth. 
Another reason preventive wisdom teeth extraction is recommended is to prevent surgical complications. As your child gets older, they increase their risk for problems after the surgery, including bleeding, severe numbness, loss of movement in the jaw, or even fractured teeth. If wisdom teeth are removed when the patient is younger, before the roots are fully formed, he or she will be in a better position to recover easily from oral surgery. 

Get your college-bound teen ready to “make the grade” by scheduling his or her wisdom teeth extraction with Virginia Advanced Surgical Arts  this summer! Call our McLean office at (703) 263-8834, Reston office at (571) 595-3223, or Potomac office at (703) 723-5366 to schedule your appointment.